St Lawrence Church, Hatfield & Rossington Hall Wedding

A Rossington Hall Wedding Reception

** This wedding was featured in Love My Dress wedding blog in Jan 2018, which is awesome!

As soon as Kathryn first mentioned Rossington Hall I got excited.

Well, excited and disappointed that I would have to wait a whole year before her and Ste’s wedding day.

I had done my research online, looked at photos of what Rossington Hall looked like on a typical wedding day.

It was only actually a few weeks before the wedding day and we met at the Doncaster venue on an open day that I was able to truly appreciate the beauty of this magnificent house. (more…)

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St James Church, Anston & Consort Hotel Wedding

I arrived at the Consort Hotel in Thurcroft nice and early to find the air conditioner in Colleen’s room dripping on the carpet, the bathroom flooded from the shower and some of the girls suffering from… hay-fever… allegedly.

Still, spirits were high in the face of adversity and everyone was surprisingly calm as the girls gradually transformed into Bridesmaids, Flower Girls and of course, a Bride.


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Bridal Prep – What the morning of the wedding day is all about

Back in the olden days of wedding photography you would not have seen bridal prep photos included with the standard service.

That was when wedding photography was all about capturing a single bridal portrait to sit on the mantelpiece for generations.

Whilst bridal portraits are still very much a thing, wedding photography has moved on to include documenting the emotions of the whole day.


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Why do Wedding Photographers Wear Black? :: Your Questions Answered

Here it is… your one stop shop for all the information you could possibly need about wedding photographers.  All your questions answered in one article!

This is the second article in a series aimed at helping couples to find the right wedding photographer for them.

If you came here hoping to understand wedding photography pricing you should take a look at Wedding Photography Pricing Explained which goes into way more detail on that subject.

Though I am a wedding photographer myself, I have written this with my unbiased hat on.

I know I’m not the right photographer for everyone and that’s fine.

In researching this article I scoured Facebook, Google, Twitter… anywhere people are likely to be asking questions about wedding photographers.


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Katie & Barnaby’s Norton House Country Club Wedding

You might expect that a room full of women all trying to get ready for a wedding would be absolute chaos.

Generally it is quite the contrary in my experience.

Today was no exception to that.

What was unusual is that the tension never seemed to ramp up as it usually does as the time draws near.

Katie seemed cool as a cucumber all the way through, and was even ready to go 20 minutes before it was time to leave.


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