How to Spot Great Quality Wedding Photos :: A Beginner’s Guide

If photography is not your passion then you may struggle to see the difference in quality between wedding photographers.

In all likelihood, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding then this is your first time booking a photographer of any kind.

Unfortunately, many in your position resort to judging photographers based on price alone.

Whilst price is a big factor, as you will discover in this article there are many more factors that you should consider.

By the time you have finished reading this you will have a better understanding of what to look out for.

We will also look at the different styles of photography so you can start to narrow down your options.

Hopefully you will also finish with a greater appreciate of photography as an art form.


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Planning your wedding day timeline to get the best photos possible

When you are planning your wedding day timeline, are you taking into account the best times of day for your photos?

You probably already know that the bright mid-afternoon sun is the worst time to get photos because of all the harsh shadows.

Even so, if you take a look at your timeline, what time have you set aside for the group photos?  Mid afternoon?

I am not saying you need to completely change your day in order to accommodate your wedding photographer’s needs.

A skilled professional photographer will have no problem getting great photos whatever the lighting conditions.

As we are about to explore, lighting is only one of many factors that you might want to consider.


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My favourite wedding photos from 2017 – A retrospective

A quick look back as some of my best wedding photos of 2017, selected by myself 😉

My favourite Wedding Photos from 2017

Kenwood Hall, twice.

Whitley Hall, twice.

Italy… once.

I had a hog roast in Gretna Green, pie and peas in Attercliffe and some pretty spectacular bar food along the way.

I also seem to have spent an extraordinary amount of money on soft drinks at pricey hotel bars.

2017 has been another amazing year for me.  Let’s have one last look back before it gets consigned to the archives. (more…)

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