My Favourite Wedding Photos of 2018

My Favourite Wedding Photos of 2018

When your job is photographing people on the happiest day of their life so far, it’s pretty tough to have a bad year.  I guess if I didn’t book many weddings, that would be one way.  Thankfully 2018 saw me travelling around to plenty of weddings so yes, this was another very good year :-).

So before we go blazing headfirst into 2019, here is a look back at some of my favourite photos I took in 2018.

Note that I said favourite, not best Remember that the photos I take are of real people, doing real things on real wedding days.  I don’t pose people and I don’t try to recreate magazine style wedding photos.  What that means is that, whilst other ‘best of 2018’ blogs will be showcasing spectacular works of art, here you will find just a plain old bunch of photos of happy people.

I would love to photograph your wedding day

As you can probably tell, I'm a pretty laid back photographer. I take photos of people who are happy, so that I don't have to keep asking people to smile.

You know why they're happy?

Because they found the right photographer that suited them and the flow of their day.

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James Morgan

James is a professional wedding photographer based in Sheffield. He loves taking photos of people, tinkering with computers, real ale and red wine, and of course his family.
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