Winter Wedding @ Whirlowbrook Hall :: Amarise & Mike

A Christmassy Wedding

When you get married a few days after Christmas your theme is pretty much set.  Come to think about it, I don’t really think Amarise and Mike had a theme as such at all.  It really was all about being chilled out, relaxing and enjoying the day.

This relaxed attitude ran all the way through the day.  I joined the girls as they were getting ready in the Sycamore suite of Whirlowbrook Hall.  For December it was a beautiful day.  The sun was beaming in through the window and it was actually rather mild.  This seemed somewhat ironic actually since the Australian leg of their wedding a few weeks prior was pretty much rained out.

Whirlowbrook Hall in the Winter

The weather is a true test of a wedding venue like Whirlowbrook Hall.  The Hall is surrounded by beautiful scenery, so in the sunshine you cannot go wrong when it comes to getting some portraits.

Where things can come undone is when the weather is not so favourable.  Fortunately for us, this was not tested today, however, I’m confident that there would still have been plenty of  indoor options in a place like this.

I have actually been following Whirlowbrook Hall on Instagram for a while so it was lovely to finally get up there to an actual wedding.

The Photos

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that nobody ever reads what I write on this blogs.  All you guys want to see is photos, and that’s fine because I’ve got a load to show you.

Here is a small selection of highlights from the collection.

Oh, and if you are as impressed as I am with the flowers, make sure you check out Moss and Clover Kelham.

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