Beauty and the Beast Themed Wedding :: Jess and Martin

Beauty and the Beast Themed Wedding :: Jess and Martin

By the time Jess and Martin’s wedding day came around it was like photographing a wedding for old friends.

I had first met them at Becky and Jordan’s wedding the previous year.  Martin was Jordan’s best man.  It seems they were suitably impressed with me at the time so they went on to book me for their own wedding.

It wasn’t much later that I had a call from another couple, Rochelle and Paul, who had heard about me through Jess and wanted to talk to me about photographing their wedding.   Thanks to Jess’ recommendation they went on to book me.  Suffice to say, Jess and Martin were guests at the wedding so we got another chance to catch up before their big day.

As it happened I was also available to attend their rehearsal at the church, and then, by complete coincidence I happened to be photographing a different wedding at Wortley Hall the day prior to theirs, meaning I bumped into a Martin and a few others from their party when they popped in to set up a few last minute details.

So, we were pretty well acquainted by the time the morning of the wedding came along, which really does help.

What was also a refreshing surprise was how many of the guests I already knew from Becky and Jordan’s wedding as well as Rochelle and Paul who were also guests.  It can get a bit lonely being a wedding photographer, getting to know a whole new bunch of people at every wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting new people, but a few familiar faces is always a treat.

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