Beautiful, natural photos of things that really happened

Planning your wedding?

Hate having your picture taken?

As you look through my website at all the relaxed and happy looking people in my photos, remember that they all started out with the same thoughts as you.

They came to me apprehensive about having their photo taken, some absolutely terrified by the whole concept of having to pose.

I always say the same thing… you don’t have to pose for me. Honestly, for the majority of the wedding day you won’t even know I’m around. That carries on into the portraits where I’ll invite you to take a nice walk, find a few spots to let you stand together and reflect on what just happened.  

No posing, no fake smiles, no pressure.

A little about me

I’m James.  I am based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and I travel wherever the weddings take me.

Photographing people has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, just ask my wife and kids!  I have always preferred taking candid photos, the real moments. Studios and styled shoots don’t float my boat.  Weddings are full of joy, tears, laughter, drunk dancing, falling over. All amazing moments that flash by in an instant. 

Those are the moments I look out for, and that’s why I love photographing weddings.

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I can only be at one wedding on any given day and my diary fills up quickly. Drop me a message with your date to see if I am available for you.
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