Wedding Photographer Based in Sheffield

Hi, I’m James.  I am based in Sheffield and I photograph weddings.

I would describe myself as the wedding photographer for people who don’t like having their photo taken.

I don’t particularly like having my photo taken.  I feel uncomfortable and end up putting on a weird fake smile.

Wedding photos should be real smiles and genuine happiness, so I take the time to let people be themselves, and that really shows in the photos.  

Everyone is happy, relaxed and genuinely enjoying their time in front of the camera.

To be honest, for the majority of your wedding day you won’t even know I’m around.   

No posing, no fake smiles, no pressure.

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A Little About Me

So like I said, my name is James and  I am based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  I like to travel around, wherever the weddings take me, and have been fortunate to have photographed weddings in some truly amazing places.

Photographing people has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, just ask my wife and kids.  I have always preferred taking candid photos, the real moments. Studios and styled shoots don’t float my boat.  Weddings are full of joy, tears, laughter, drunk dancing, falling over. All amazing moments that flash by in an instant. 

Those are the moments I look out for, and that’s why I love photographing weddings.