Hi, I’m James. I’m a wedding photographer based in Sheffield. 

Don’t let the Sheffield part put you off though, I love to travel all over the world for weddings.

My guiding principle is Great Photos, No Worries.

I know that planning a wedding can be stressful. I want to take photos off your worry list.

Let me explain…

Great photos

I hate this part.

I’m too British to be able to stand up and tell the world that I’m great at taking photos.

Thing is, quite a few people have told me that I take great photos, that I capture the heart and soul of the moment.

For the longest time I thought they were just being polite.

After all these years I am starting to accept that there may be some truth behind it.

One pretty consistent bit of feedback I hear is that I am the ideal photographer for people who hate the idea of having a photographer at their wedding.

The way I work is to pretty much leave people alone to get on with their day.  I take photos of what is happening in front of me without interfering.

As it turns out, this is a rather popular approach and results in great, natural photos.

sheffield wedding photographer

No worries

My aim is to make sure that, no matter what else may be going with your wedding planning, you can rest assured that photography is sorted.

Before your wedding I will always make myself available for a chat, message or meeting.

During your wedding I very rarely leave your side. I will be a reassuring presence every step of the way.

Afterwards I will keep you up to date with my progress getting your photos ready. I’ll even share with you the occasional teaser photo.

My point is that your trust is the most important thing to me and is not something I take for granted.

Relaxed wedding photographer


Fancy a chat?

Contact me

Nice things people have said about me

Wendy & Keith
If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture the emotion of your special day, then James is your man!  

We welcomed him in to be part of our special day and he produced us wonderful photos that immediately bring the day back to life every time we look at them.

Wendy & Keith
Dani & Daniel
Absolutely brilliant service from James.  Prices were made for what we wanted instead of a package we didn't want.  

James loves to travel so don't think because he's based in Sheffield he won't travel for you. He travelled about 3 hours for us. And I'm sure he would travel further.  

Dani & Daniel
Victoria & Kelso
James is an amazing photographer, we realised this after having our engagement shoot photos sent through!

This confirmed how we felt and made us so much more excited to take him to Italy with us for our wedding in May.

The professionalism was on point but yet James became one of our friends on the trip! Everyone felt comfortable with him around and the pictures are just amazing!!

Would recommend him to anyone!

I want to show our pictures off to the world and that's all down to James!

Thank you! Xx

Victoria & Kelso
Wedding photographers family

Who am I?

This picture is me with my wife Tina and our young children Sienna and Sebastian.

Photography has been my passion for most of my life. My Dad was a photographer so I grew up having my photo taken; as I got older he taught me how to compose a photo and from there the spark was lit.

As a hobby I have spent many years photographing just about everything I could point my camera at. I experimented with landscapes, still life and even wildlife before discovering my true love… people.

I always imagined that being a wedding photographer would be too much of a good thing for me until a photographer friend asked me to be his second photographer at a wedding.

It was an amazing experience, I haven’t looked back since

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