Sheffield Town Hall & Ibis Style Barnsley Wedding

Presenting Susan & Kevin’s Ibis Style Barnsley wedding, aka the one that made it into Bella Magazine, that was 30 years in the making.

Bella Magazine and The Mirror have already covered the story in great detail so I shall only provide the highlights here in my blog to bring you up to speed.

Ibis Style Barnsley Wedding Bella Magazine
Some familiar looking photos in Bella Magazine

Susan and Kevin had a holiday romance when they met in Skegness in the summer of 1979.  Once that holiday was over they went back home but since there was a substantial distance between them the relationship didn’t last and they went their separate ways.  They both went on to other relationships, though neither lasted.  Sure enough, 33 years later they happened upon each other on Facebook, decided to meet up and, well, that brings us to why I, a wedding photographer, am writing about their story in my wedding blog.

So, here is my standard ‘fusion’ slideshow with a selection of highlights from the photo album mixed with some video footage.  If you cannot watch the video right now I have also included a handful of photos from the full collection.

Sheffield Town Hall & Ibis Styles Barnsley Wedding

Susan and Kevin first met and fell in love in 1979. Their long distance relationship fell apart after only 6 months but they never stopped loving each other. 3 years ago they found each other on Facebook, last Saturday they finished what they started all those years ago.

It is my pleasure to tell the story of their wedding day, 37 years in the making.

Posted by James L Morgan Wedding Photography on Monday, 5 September 2016


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The Photos

This is what you came here for, right?

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