Rutland Hotel Wedding

Rutland Hotel Wedding :: Kay & Lynval

Most relaxed wedding ceremony ever!  This is the story of Kay and Lynval’s wedding day, starting out with the ceremony in the Sheffield Town Hall and then moving across town to the Rutland Hotel in Broomhill.

Actually, my day began at Kay’s house where we had a reasonably relaxed morning getting ready.  The music was pumping, hair was extending, make-up was, erm, being applied.  Amongst the highlights of the morning for me was getting to meet Michelle who was pulling a triple shift as hairdresser, evening reception guest and supplier of a sweetie wheel (look for Sugar Rush on Facebook).

The ceremony at the town hall was the most laid back I have come across, in a great way.  Where the bride and groom are usually a bag of nerves at this point, Kay and Lynval have been together such a long time that they seemed to be able to relax and really enjoy themselves, as did the congregation who all have a great time.

After a bit of a mill around the Peace Gardens in Sheffield we get in the cars and made our way up to the Rutland Hotel where we were very well looked after.  I was even invited to sit with other guests for the meal and was treated to a full wedding dinner which was a very enjoyable treat.  As an aside, this was the first time I had ever been offered Yorkshire Puddings and Gravy as a starter; I had no idea this was normal and was politely waiting for some vegetables to arrive whilst everyone else tucked in.

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