St John’s Church, Ranmoor and Kenwood Hall Wedding

I had some pretty profound thoughts on my way to Kenwood Hall.  More profound than usual anyway.

Since Kirby and Danny’s wedding ceremony was in the early afternoon we arranged for me to arrive at the hotel at 8am.  That was fine with me as I usually prefer to arrive earlier rather than later so that I never miss a special moment.
What made this interesting for me, on the way to Kenwood Hall Hotel, was that it was a Friday morning.

To me, and I imagine to a lot of people, a wedding day is a special day; one that has been in the diary for months, maybe years.

That special feeling makes the drive to the hotel feel important, almost prestigious.

What got me thinking was when I realised that most of the other people on the road that morning were simply going about their regular day to day lives.  Certainly the Friday feeling would be elevating the mood of the morning commute above other weekdays, still it was a normal Friday for most of the people I saw as I caught the early end of the Friday morning rush hour.

I guess what I am getting at is, every day is special for someone.

The Special Day

On this particular day it was Kirby and Danny’s special day.

So we started the day in Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield, spread across multiple rooms as Kirby and her bridesmaids got ready.

The ceremony was at St John’s Church in Ranmoor, Sheffield; a spectacular building and very accommodating to pesky photographers such as myself.

Following the ceremony we headed back to Kenwood Hall for the wedding breakfast followed by an evening of entertainment by the amazing Paul Pashley.  I mean amazing by the way, if you can’t get hold of Michael Buble for your wedding day then you cannot go wrong with Paul as your second choice.

For Nige

During the reception the party wanted to take a brief moment to celebrate the life and passing of Nigel Goodinson, a lifelong Sheffield Wednesday supporter who went to a match on 22nd April 2017 and never came home.

This video is all the more powerful when you remember that this is not just Wednesday fans signing along the Wednesday anthem, this is supporter of both Sheffield teams putting their differences aside to honour a fellow football fan.

Sheffield Wedding Tribute to Nigel Goodinson

A touching moment tonight as fans of Sheffield United Football Club and Sheffield Wednesday FC came together to sing the Sheffield Wednesday anthem at Kirby and Danny’s wedding to honour Nigel Goodinson, a life long SWFC fan who went to a Wednesday match on 22nd April and never came home.

Featuring the incredible Paul Pashley on vocals.
#Nige #SheffieldIsSuper

Posted by JLM Wedding Photography on Friday, 28 April 2017

Anyway, back to the wedding.

The Slideshow

Here is my customary video slideshow with a couple of video clips thrown in for good measure.

The McDonald’s Wedding Day

Kirby and Danny’s wedding day in 5 minutes. Starting out at Kenwood Hall, ceremony is at St John’s Church, Ranmoor and then back to Kenwood Hall for the reception.

A beautiful day, it was my pleasure to spend it with them.

Posted by JLM Wedding Photography on Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Photos

So, here’s a selection of photos that tell the story of the day.

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James Morgan

James is a professional wedding photographer based in Sheffield. He loves taking photos of people, tinkering with computers, real ale and red wine, and of course his family.
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