Maggie & James’ Wedding at Halifax Hall

A Halifax Hall Wedding... again 🙂

A wedding at Halifax Hall, my second time in 2019.  Thing is, every wedding is completely different, even when they’re in the same venue. 

For starters, it wasn’t swelteringly hot like it was for Danielle & Josh’s Halifax Hall wedding back in June.

My Favourite Photos from the day

I thought it might make for an interesting change if I pulled out a few of my favourite snaps from the day and explain what I like about them.

This first one I love because it’s a new take on the tired old group photo.  This was taken a little later in the day than I would usually go group shots, we were actually doing a couples portrait with Maggie and James.  Everyone else was hanging about so we decided to let them join in.  Suddenly Maggie’s sister suggested we get a Friends photo using the outdoor furniture, and what an amazing idea that turned out to be.

During that same sunset photo shoot Maggie and James decided they wanted to show off some of their martial arts moves.  What follows is a selection of snaps that could easily be misconstrued as a married couple’s first disagreement.

The next one I like because it’s just a crazy moment where James appears to be trying to avoid seeing Maggie in her dress.  In reality they weren’t particularly bothered about seeing each other beforehand, but I still love the moment.

Here’s a moment that represents a Polish tradition.

The bride tossing her bouquet is a pretty common thing here in the UK.  Whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to get married, apparently.

Well, in Poland the Groom then tosses his necktie, and whichever eligible bachelor catches is then has to dance with the lady who caught the bouquet.

I think this is a tradition that needs to happen more often here in England, it was a great moment.

More Images From the Album

So that was a little run through my favoutire moments from the day.  Here is a whole bunch more photos to have a scroll through.

All photos in this article were taken by JLM Wedding Photography.

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