If you’re looking for wedding photo ideas on glamourous websites, or even Pinterest and Instagram, then you have to keep in mind that those photos were taken by different people at different times, in different conditions and possible in a different location.

Shit, the word ‘different’ just lost all meaning for me.  Dammit I liked that word.

Wedding photography these days revolves around capturing natural moments. 

Once you start giving your photographer lists of photos you want taken then they stop capturing natural moments, because they have to try to contrive unnatural moments that look natural, because it happened naturally at someone else’s wedding once.

BTW the only list of photos I’d want you to give me is of the group photos, that’s actually really helpful.  Check out my 4 Tips For Getting Your Wedding Group Photos Done Quickly Without Missing Anyone.

Natural Moments Like These 🙂

Guide To Natural Photos You Can Get At Any Wedding

If you’re going to give your photographer any lists other than the group photo list, here is one I recommend.

What’s that, you haven’t got a photographer yet?  Well, there’s a handy link to my packages down at the bottom of this very page ;-).

All the photos in this article were taken by JLM Wedding Photography.

Walking Down The Aisle and The Reaction

Not everyone bursts into tears, that moment when you both clap eyes on each other as one of you walks down the aisle is a moment to behold.

Straight off the bat this is one of my favourite shots, and one that I make sure I’m in position for every time.

Walking Through Confetti

It actually takes quite a lot of ushering on my part to get people into the right position.

Once I give everyone the go-ahead, it’s all natural.

Sometimes guests throw the confetti into the couples faces, sometimes they swallow a little and choke, sometimes they look down, look up, get separated in the confusion….

Whilst there is nothing natural about the situation, the moment is genuine, loads of fun and makes for amazing natural photos.

Just the Two Of Us

These are the headline shots.  Your new profile pic.   The ones you’ll get printed onto canvas.

The couples portrait is another must have for me when I’m photographing a wedding day.

Be warned, this is where Pinterest and Insta-fueled dreams can be dashed.

As a seasoned wedding photographer, I know the best time of day to get portraits.  I also know how to find for the best locations at any venue.

What I cannot do is stop the rain, remove the clouds or create rolling hills in a town centre.

This is where you need to trust your photographer.

You will get amazing photos of the two of you, just be open-minded about the look and feel.

All the Other Crazy Things That Happen At Your Wedding

It’s Your Wedding!

It is full of people you care about, meaning some of the best photos are people just doing stuff at your wedding.

You might not get the same feelings when you look at other people’s natural moments, but when the antics are all you and your friends on your special day, every moment will be a treasure.

The First Dance

The last of the formalities.

Clench up for one last routine and then you can relax and finally say hello to Uncle Melv who flew all the way from Australia just to come to your wedding.

Party Time

Girls, kick off the high-heels and slide on the flats.

Guys, undo your top button and wrap your tie around your head.

The formalities are done.  The wedding was a success, you’re married!


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All the photos on this page were taken by JLM Wedding Photography. 

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