Rockingham Arms, Wentworth Wedding :: Claire & Sam

Rockingham Arms, Wentworth Wedding :: Claire & Sam

Claire & Sam’s Wedding @ Rockingham Arms, Wentworth

This is England.

You have to expect a certain unpredictability in the weather.

Yes, we all hope for glorious sunshine on our wedding day, or at the very least for no rain.

For Claire, heavy rain seems to follow her around, having been born during The Great Storm of 1987.

Luckily the rain only stopped by as a reminder.

It was a looming threat throughout the morning and into the early afternoon.  Knowing it was imminent we rushed through the group photos outside the church and we managed to just about make it into the cars before the heavens opened.

Boy did they open!  The poor Morris wedding car on the journey between St Margaret’s Church and the Rockingham Arms was pummelled with rain.

Fortunately the downpour was short-lived and we were able to get out in the evening to capture some truly memorising sunset portraits of the happy couple around Wentworth Village.

The Benefits of an Engagement Shoot

I talked about this already when I wrote about Claire and Sam’s engagement shoot earlier in the year.

Like many couples I work with, they were not particularly fond of the idea of having their photograph taken when they arrived for the engagement shoot.

By the time we were wrapping up our portrait session as the sun was setting on their wedding day you would never have known they were the same couple.

There was no coaching involved, no forced posing.  They just fell into place perfectly and just about every shot was a keeper.

You can see what I mean when you look through the highlights below, would you ever think these two didn’t like being photographed?

The Slideshow

So, without further ado, here is the story of Claire and Sam’s wedding day in about 5 minutes.

[tg_youtube width=”800″ height=”” video_id=”d31r9X06PHc”]


Highlights from the Gallery

If you can’t watch the video right now, here are a few highlights to scroll through.

If you would like to talk to me about photographing your wedding feel free to contact me.

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James Morgan

James is a professional wedding photographer based in Sheffield. He loves taking photos of people, tinkering with computers, real ale and red wine, and of course his family.
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