Some wedding photos you see depict people looking totally straight faced, posing in an ‘I’m not posing’ kind of way.

“Look at each other in a loving way” their very serious photographer might have said.

You also see a lot of crying in wedding photos.

That’s fine, people get emotional at weddings.

Even man cry at weddings, as we have previously discovered.

If all your knowledge about weddings came from fashionable wedding photos then you would think they were very somber and serious.

I’m here to tell you that, at least for all the weddings I attend, they can be a lot of fun too.

To prove it I have pulled together over 100 photos I have taken at weddings recently.

Every one of these photos is people having fun.

Ya see, that’s what I look for when I photograph a wedding.

Smiles, joy, happiness.

It’s the moments between the formal photos that are my favourites.

If you want someone to capture all the fun of your wedding day, give me a shout and let’s make plans.

Anyway, enough about me, you’re here to see the photos.


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