Katie and Barnaby’s Surprise View Engagement Photo Shoot

As we walked through the heather to get the best view of the setting sun Katie was sharing with us stories of just how regularly cars are broken into whilst parked in Surprise View car park.

I tentatively glanced over my shoulder toward said Surprise View Car Park which was slowly disappearing into the distance, trying not to think about my own car which now felt somewhat vulnerable.

As the car park disappeared over the horizon I decided that the car didn’t really matter; I had my precious cameras strapped safely around my person, there was nothing left behind for them to take anyway.

Pretty soon the idea of the car being stolen drifted out of my mind as I started to ponder cloud cover.

It was a reasonably windy evening so the sun was coming and going behind broken clouds at a decent rate.  We were going to have to pick our spots and then wait for the perfect sunshine moment.

Against the odds I think we did pretty well.  Katie and Barnaby don’t look too windswept in their engagement photos and we can now look forward to June and their wedding day.

Here is a small selection of highlights from the photos from that sunny…cloudy…sunny…cloudy day.

Oh and my car was fine, thanks for worrying.

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See ya next time.


James Morgan

James is a professional wedding photographer based in Sheffield. He loves taking photos of people, tinkering with computers, real ale and red wine, and of course his family.

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