How to (not) pose for Natural Wedding Portraits, Pigeon Style

Posing for Natural Wedding Portraits Are you nervous about the prospect of posing for wedding portraits? It is easy to assume that all the people you see looking cool, calm, natural and happy in wedding photos were confident and knew exactly what they were doing. Chances are they didn’t know what they were doing, and […]

I Don’t Use Proper Cameras to Photograph Weddings Anymore

No More ‘Proper’ DSLR Cameras Up until the end of last year I used proper professional cameras for weddings.  I had three Nikon DSLRs with fast, expensive, heavy prime lenses.  Read about those here: Gear, Tools & Techniques :: How I Approach Wedding Photography in 2018 and here: My Wedding Photography Gear 2017 I had to use […]

Julie and Andy’s Beautifully Calm and Easy Going Wedding

Ah, and relax. My first wedding of 2019 was a real treat. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the hussle of a crazy wedding day. Less than a week after New Year’s Day though it is nice to shift it down a gear and just make the day about relaxing and celebrating marriage. That’s […]