Yorkshire Born & Bred Wedding Photographer

Ey up, I’m James n’ am a Wedding Photographer based in’t Yorkshire.

I’m from Leeds originally, currently based in Sheffield, and I photograph weddings.

I would describe myself as the wedding photographer for people who don’t like having their photo taken.

I don’t particularly like having my photo taken. I feel uncomfortable and end up putting on a weird fake smile.

Wedding photos should be real smiles and genuine happiness, so I take the time to let people be themselves, and that really shows in the photos.

Everyone is happy, relaxed and genuinely enjoying their time in front of the camera.

To be honest, for the majority of the wedding day you won’t even know I’m around.

Basically, reyt good photos weyaat poncin’ abart.

Beyond Photos :: Add a Wedding Film To Bring Your Wedding Day Back To Life

Whilst I’m photographing your wedding I can also be capturing candid video moments so that you can have a 5 minute highlight film.

Something like this…

A little about James

If you listen carefully there’s a bit of Yorkshire left in my accent.

I have to make sure them Southerners can understand me.

JLM Wedding Photography isn’t a firm of photographers, it’s me, James.

Photographing people has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, just ask my wife and kids. I have always preferred taking candid photos, the real moments. Studios and styled shoots don’t float my boat. Weddings are full of joy, tears, laughter, drunk dancing, falling over. All amazing moments that flash by in an instant.

Those are the moments I look out for, and that’s why I love photographing weddings.

Tha' Wants To Talk Abart Money?

If you’re from Yorkshire then I’m sure prices are pretty important to you.

Wedding day coverage starts at £950, up to £1750 if you add all the extras.

Below is a quick form, pop your details in and as soon as you click the button you will be redirected to the full price list page.

I’ll use your details to confirm whether I’m available on your date, and can answer any questions you might have.

Alternatively you can email me on photos@jameslmorgan.co.uk or text, call or WhatsApp me on 07739113409 to request price and availability.

Anything else tha’ wants to know, just ask.

🏳️‍🌈:: Enquiries from LGBTQ+ couples welcome ::🏳️‍🌈