Seasons… ya gotta love ’em. They keep life interesting after all.

Spring… fresh flowers, full of joy

Summer… warm evenings, loads of daylight, nice and warm (usually).

Autumn… beautiful colours, gorgeous sunsets

Winter… cold and dark.

If you’re getting married in the winter then you may not be expecting great wedding photos.

Worry not though, with a photographer experienced in shooting winter weddings 😉 even the weather can’t keep us from producing some slammin’ photos.

All the photos in this gallery were taken between the months of October and March, or in the dark, just to make a point.

Just so you know, that was the first time I had ever used the term slammin’ photos.  Probably also my last.

If you’re looking a photographer who knows what they’re doing in the winter you know who to call :-).

See ya next time,


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