Wedding Photography Special Offers for 2018:: Discounts & free stuff!

Wedding Photography Special Offers

Looking for special offers on Wedding Photography?

You are definitely in the right place.

Having said that, I want to start off with a bit of advice.

Choosing your wedding photographer based on price alone is a terrible idea.

So before we get into the offers I want to talk a little about what you can expect from me if you choose me to photograph your wedding.

I specialise in beautiful, natural photos.

I like to blend into your wedding party as much as possible and leave you to get on with your wedding day.

Couples who choose me as their wedding photographer tend to enjoy the idea of having beautiful wedding photos without having to dedicate large chunks of their wedding day to portrait sessions.

I do like to suggest a short walk around sunset time to get a few epic wall-hanger photos.

I still only offer minimal suggestions rather than directions to keep it as real as possible.

Wedding Photography Special Offers – A Warning

Before we go any further, I want you to stop and think about what you are doing.

Are you actually even considering booking a wedding photographer based on a special offer?

Sales are supposed to be about clearing out stock.  Picking up last season’s end-of-line clothes that the retailer can no longer shift at full price.

There is nothing end of life about my business.

Since I have no stock to get rid of, the only reason I would have to offer crazy discounts is if I were desperate for bookings.

So, if you are booking your photographer based purely on a crazy deal, you are booking someone who is struggling, not thriving.

Remember these are your wedding photos.  You only get one chance to choose the right photographer.  Choose one based on a lot of careful consideration and research, not as an impulse buy.

And then it struck me!

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I did want to make an effort this year and offer some kind of deal-sweetener.

I thought about offering free engagement shoots, and then realised that I already did that with most of my packages.

Then I considered the free video slideshow, but that is also included with all my packages.

And then it struck me!

A Free 2 Minute Highlights Film

Highlight films are brand new to me.  I have been making video slideshows for years, weaving photos with snippets of video to bring the photos to life.  Full video highlight films are the next evolution that I will be bringing alongside my photography offers starting in 2019.

I will be charging for the videos since there is a lot of extra work involved, both recording and editing.  However, I also need to practice.  So, I would like to offer all couples who book their wedding between now and the end of December 2018 a free 2 minute highlights video.


If you are tempted by this offer, pop your details into this contact box.

I will get back to you to confirm whether I am available on your wedding day, and if I am I will include a quote which will include the free video.  In your message let me know how many hours of cover you are looking for (6/9/12) and whether you would like albums including in the quote.

You will have until the end of this year to accept that quote (provided your date remains available).

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