If you’re looking at hiring a photo booth at your wedding, this is not for you.

The most important thing you need to know about my Unmanned Corner Cam is that it is not a booth.

There are no fancy backdrops.

I don’t bring props.

There is no assistant holding up a curtain.

So… what is it?

Introducing the Unmanned Corner Cam!

I had the idea of using a spare camera as wedding photo booth alternative as an add-on to my wedding photography services some time last year.

It seemed like such a simple idea at first, just put the camera in the corner and let guests take their own photos with it.

As I’m sure many DIY brides have discovered, putting together a do-it-yourself wedding photo booth is a lot more complicated than you might initially expect.

A truly self-service wedding photo booth alternative

When I am working at a wedding my primary role is photographing the wedding, not manning a photo booth.

I had to make sure that whatever I set up could run itself and not take me away from that.

This is the major headache around setting up a DIY photo booth.

How to make something so simple that anyone can trigger the camera, get into the right place and make sure the photo was in focus and well lit, and then see their photo straight away afterwards turned out to be a particularly complex set of hurdles to overcome.

Without getting too technical, I think I have cracked it!

Is it right for your wedding?

Run through this checklist before deciding whether you want to have my studio at your wedding.

1. Am I your Wedding Photographer?

The most important question to ask since my studio is only available as an add-on to my full day photography package, not on its own.

2. Is space an issue at your venue?

A great reason to consider my studio over a traditional photo booth.  It has a very small footprint so it won’t fill an entire corner of the room.

3. Are you wanting advanced photo booth features?

Video messages, superimposed backdrops, print-outs… my studio does none of these things.  It is a simple setup that allows guests to take a photo of themselves to add to your album.  All photos are made available afterwards to anyone who wants them, but if you are looking for some of the more advanced photo booth features then you would be better off booking a full featured booth.

Great, how do I get this set up at my wedding?

Am I already your wedding photographer?

Yes?  Send me a message, let me know you want it and we’ll get it added to your package.  Where practical we could meet at the venue and have a look at where it might go, make plans and get excited!

If not then you have a decision to make.  The last thing I want is for you to book me as your wedding photographer just because I have this contraption to offer.  Have a look around my website, browse my blog, read all about me, look at my services and pricing, then decide whether you would be happy to book me to capture your wedding.

Once you have made up your mind give me a shout, let’s find out if I am available.

Speak soon.


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