How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue :: Q&A with The Pumping House

The Pumping House Wedding Venue in Ollerton

A Wedding Supplier Q&A

In March 2018 I photographed Katie and Oliver’s wedding at the Pumping House in Ollerton.

I am proud to say that wedding was featured in Brides Up North in June the same year.

Since then I have kept in touch with Jo and the team who run the weddings at The Pumping House and they have very kindly agreed to answer a few questions to help out couples who are looking for their ideal wedding venue.

If you would like to find out more about the Pumping House have a look on their website.  If you get in touch let them know I sent you :-).

So without any further ado, here is my first ever wedding venue Q&A.


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Anxious About Having Wedding Photos Taken? You’re Not The Only One

Are you worried about having your photo taken at your wedding?

First off, don’t panic.  You are not the only one to be worried about wedding photos.

Your wedding is likely to be one of the only times in your life where a professional photographer will be training their lenses entirely on you.

Unless you are a professional model, in which case you can stop reading now.

Actually no, don’t go away just yet.


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Why Is Wedding Photography Expensive? The Value of Premium Photographers

Exploring The True Value of Premium Wedding Photography

If you have ever wondered how wedding photographers get away with charging what they do then you need to read this.

This article originally began life as a sales pitch to explain why I charged more than others for my wedding photography services.

My goal was to demonstrate why it was worth spending more on me and my services over the other guy who charges less.

The further I got into planning the pitch, the more I came to realise that the other guy’s approach to pricing is just as valid as my own.

I ended up deciding that it was best to do some proper research into the true value of wedding photography.

My big revelation was how wedding photography pricing is actually quite similar in many ways to airline fares.


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Negotiating Discounts on Wedding Photography

Negotiating Discounts on Wedding Photography

Nobody likes to pay full price for things.

We humans love a good discount, whether it’s free delivery, 10% off your main course or a simple 2 for 1 at the supermarket.

Saving a few quid is fine when we’re talking about big companies, they probably won’t go under just because you scored a free bottle of pop.

The thing to remember when you’re bargain hunting in the wedding industry is that a huge saving for you may be putting pressure on a very small local business.

Having said that, there are times when a discount can benefit both parties. (more…)

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