Charlotte & Jonny’s Covid19 Compliant Wedding Ceremony

St Albans Register Office Wedding Ceremony This was my first time at St Albans Register Office.  Often the weddings I shoot are a little closer to my base in Sheffield, just because that’s how Google searches work, I guess.   Don’t get me wrong though, I always love to travel to somewhere new and interesting.   In […]

Stanage Edge, Peak District Engagement Shoot :: Hannah & George

I never thought I would be so happy to be out taking photos of people that aren’t in my immediate family. Hannah and George are one of the unfortunate couples whose wedding was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to ‘the current situation’, which is what we in 2020 are calling the global lockdown caused […]

I Stand Against Racism

I Stand Against Racism

I want to make it clear that I stand against racism. I’m an easy going, non-judgemental kinda guy, always have been. I always saw skin colour as just another attribute of a person’s physical characteristics alongside hair colour and height. Now I’m starting to realise that ‘not being racist’ isn’t enough at the moment. I […]

Jodie & Toni’s Hillsborough Arena Wedding

Photographing weddings can be a lonely life.  Meet a bunch of strangers, share an amazing day with them, get to know them, leave and start again at the next wedding.  So it’s a real treat when I get to a wedding and already know half the family. That’s what Jodie and Toni’s wedding was like […]

Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Photographer a Wedding Photo List

You’re pretty new to hiring professional photographers, so perhaps you feel you need to provide them with a wedding photo list in advance of your wedding. Here are 5 important reasons why you probably shouldn’t. Do You Trust Your Photographer? Yeah I know, start with an easy one. Assuming you’ve already booked your wedding photographer, […]

Maggie & James’ Wedding at Halifax Hall

A Halifax Hall Wedding… again 🙂 A wedding at Halifax Hall, my second time in 2019.  Thing is, every wedding is completely different, even when they’re in the same venue.  For starters, it wasn’t swelteringly hot like it was for Danielle & Josh’s Halifax Hall wedding back in June. My Favourite Photos from the day […]

6 Natural Wedding Photo Ideas That Work For Every Wedding

wedding photo ideas

If you’re looking for wedding photo ideas on glamourous websites, or even Pinterest and Instagram, then you have to keep in mind that those photos were taken by different people at different times, in different conditions and possible in a different location. Shit, the word ‘different’ just lost all meaning for me.  Dammit I liked […]

Helena & Sonny’s 315 Wedding

You might be wondering what a 315 Wedding is. It sounds a little like street lingo, like how people say 420 for cannabis for some reason. Well, it turns out 315 is a Bar, Restaurant and Wedding Venue in Huddersfield.  And actually, it’s a really nice wedding venue at that. For Helena and Sonny, 315 […]

Best Wedding Photos of 2019

My 2019 Wedding Season Debrief I’m running out of ways to express how much better each year is compared to the last.  Honestly, every year is a blast.  I meet amazing people, make new friends, visit beautiful new wedding venues and take loads of photos that I’m truly proud of. This year I’m going to […]

The Bridge Hotel & Spa, Wetherby Wedding :: Martina & Luke

Bridal Prep At The Bridge Martina and her bridal party got ready at The Bridge Hotel.  In fact they spent the whole day there, come to think about it.  It was a rather large bridal party, split across many rooms in the hotel, and consisting of all her closest friends and family, as any good […]