Tewin Bury Farm Wedding :: Louise & Joe

Tewin Bury Farm Wedding :: Louise & Joe

Travelling is a passion of mine, so having the opportunity to leave Yorkshire and head down south to discover somewhere new is always very exciting.

If I’m honest, I had never heard of Welwyn Garden City until Louise started to explain where they were getting married.

I did my research before the big day and discovered that Tewin Bury Farm typically host up to four weddings per day!  I have seen two in the same venue before but not this many.

I have to say, you would never have known.

Tewin Bury Farm is very well spread around, as well as being neatly coordinated to make sure wedding parties never bump into each other.

Joe’s family is Welsh, which gave me a great opportunity to break into my terrible Welsh accent under the pretence that I have Welsh heritage.  Well, I am a Morgan after-all.

I probably say this a lot, I had a really great time with Louise and Joe’s friends and family.  Everyone was a blast and made me feel so welcome.

I also enjoyed working with Carly Brown Photography for the first time.  Carly, along with assistant Jay were on video duties, and whilst I have had times where the video team have tried to take over, Carly and Jay took the same approach as I do, letting the action unfold and capture the real moments.  Looking forward to seeing the final movie.

The Highlights

Instead of showing you all 800+ photos from that beautiful day, I will leave you with a nice selection of highlights.

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