Negotiating Discounts on Wedding Photography

Negotiating Discounts on Wedding Photography

Nobody likes to pay full price for things.

We humans love a good discount, whether it’s free delivery, 10% off your main course or a simple 2 for 1 at the supermarket.

Saving a few quid is fine when we’re talking about big companies, they probably won’t go under just because you scored a free bottle of pop.

The thing to remember when you’re bargain hunting in the wedding industry is that a huge saving for you may be putting pressure on a very small local business.

Having said that, there are times when a discount can benefit both parties. (more…)

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Sheffield Town Hall and Staindrop Lodge Wedding 

The story of a Staindrop Lodge Wedding

I know I come across as polite and well mannered.

Rest assured though, I grew up around the beauty industry.  I have seen and heard it all, very little shocks me.

Having said that, Becky’s bridesmaids put in a concerted effort to break through my well trained demeanour.

My poor Unmanned Corner Cam saw things no camera should ever see.  I guess I was asking for that by leaving it in a mostly empty room rather than in a busy room where I would usually set it up.

In all honesty I had a great time from the start.


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St John’s Church, Ranmoor and Kenwood Hall Wedding

I had some pretty profound thoughts on my way to Kenwood Hall.  More profound than usual anyway.

Since Kirby and Danny’s wedding ceremony was in the early afternoon we arranged for me to arrive at the hotel at 8am.  That was fine with me as I usually prefer to arrive earlier rather than later so that I never miss a special moment.
What made this interesting for me, on the way to Kenwood Hall Hotel, was that it was a Friday morning.


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