Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Photographer a Wedding Photo List

You’re pretty new to hiring professional photographers, so perhaps you feel you need to provide them with a wedding photo list in advance of your wedding. Here are 5 important reasons why you probably shouldn’t. Do You Trust Your Photographer? Yeah I know, start with an easy one. Assuming you’ve already booked your wedding photographer, […]

Your Wedding Needs An Identity :: The Complete Guide to Wedding Stationery

Your wedding needs an identity Think about some of the biggest brands out there.  They use consistent imagery, colours and styles so that all their materials fit together harmoniously. In marketing speak this is known as a brand identity. You need a wedding identity. I know you’re not trying to sell your wedding, and hopefully […]

Planning your wedding day timeline to get the best photos possible

When you are planning your wedding day timeline, are you taking into account the best times of day for your photos? You probably already know that the bright mid-afternoon sun is the worst time to get photos because of all the harsh shadows. Even so, if you take a look at your timeline, what time […]