Sheffield Town Hall Mirror Room & Tamper Coffee Wedding

This wedding was featured in the Brides Up North wedding blog in September 2018, check it out! Sheffield Town Hall Mirror Room Wedding Ceremony From Grand to Ground I came up with that little sub-heading whilst gazing in wonder at all the coffee making paraphernalia on the counter at Tamper Coffee. I was quite proud […]

A Rainy Day Wedding in Barnsley :: Lisa & Simeon

wortley hall wedding

Lisa and Simeon’s Wortley Hall Wedding I had been looking forward to my first Wortley Hall wedding.¬† I had heard all about the spectacular grounds and beautiful scenery outside. Of course, this is Britain, so naturally it rained all day.  If you’re looking at getting married at Wortley Hall, check out my ‘what to expect’ […]

Sheffield Town Hall and Staindrop Lodge Wedding 

staindrop lodge wedding

The story of a Staindrop Lodge Wedding I know I come across as polite and well mannered. Rest assured though, I grew up around the beauty industry.  I have seen and heard it all, very little shocks me. Having said that, Becky’s bridesmaids put in a concerted effort to break through my well trained demeanour. My […]

Lyndsey & Steve’s Superhero Themed Whitley Hall Hotel Wedding

whitley hall hotel

Getting married on a bank holiday in Britain is a bit of a gamble, weather-wise. Luckily Lyndsey and Steve landed on the first sunny August bank holiday weekend since 1874. I have been to Whitley Hall hotel before so I was already excited about coming back, when they told me about the superhero theme I […]

Boys Don’t Cry: A bloke’s guide to getting emotional on your wedding day

I didn’t cry when Bambi’s mother died. I was fine at the end of Titanic. In Godfather Part 2 when Michael ordered Fredo’s death… ok maybe a little. We fellas, we’re not great at getting emotional. I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to cry on your wedding day.  In fact, it’s a really […]

Bridal Prep – What the morning of the wedding day is all about

Back in the olden days of wedding photography you would not have seen bridal prep photos included with the standard service. That was when wedding photography was all about capturing a single bridal portrait to sit on the mantelpiece for generations. Whilst bridal portraits are still very much a thing, wedding photography has moved on […]

Victoria & Kelso’s Tuscany Wedding – Borgo Petrognano

James is an amazing photographer, we realised this after having our engagement shoot photos sent through! This confirmed how we felt and made us so much more excited to take him to Italy with us for our wedding in May. The professionalism was on point but yet James became one of our friends on the […]

The sprinkle of video that makes all the difference

The future of wedding photography is wedding photography plus video, there is no doubt about that. The rise of dedicated wedding photography videographers is testament to the growing wedding DVD industry. Yes, there will always be photos, you still want your wedding album and a photo above the fireplace. Video brings the day back to life in […]