Jodie & Toni’s Hillsborough Arena Wedding

Photographing weddings can be a lonely life.  Meet a bunch of strangers, share an amazing day with them, get to know them, leave and start again at the next wedding.  So it’s a real treat when I get to a wedding and already know half the family. That’s what Jodie and Toni’s wedding was like […]

Gabi & Matthew’s Sheffield General Cemetery Wedding

A Wedding at Sheffield General Cemetery In my time running a photography club in Sheffield I have been to Sheffield General Cemetery quite a few times.  It’s an amazing place full of atmosphere in the middle of Sheffield.  I know this phrase gets overused these days, but it is definitely a hidden gem.   At first glance […]

Sheffield Town Hall Mirror Room & Tamper Coffee Wedding

This wedding was featured in the Brides Up North wedding blog in September 2018, check it out! Sheffield Town Hall Mirror Room Wedding Ceremony From Grand to Ground I came up with that little sub-heading whilst gazing in wonder at all the coffee making paraphernalia on the counter at Tamper Coffee. I was quite proud […]

Weddings in Sheffield Town Hall :: What To Expect

For many, planning a Sheffield Town Hall wedding is a great option. For one, it saves you the cost of having to bring a registrar out to your wedding venue. Not to mention the fact that the Sheffield Town Hall is a particularly grand setting for any occasion.  If you have never attended a wedding at the […]

Sheffield Town Hall and Staindrop Lodge Wedding 

staindrop lodge wedding

The story of a Staindrop Lodge Wedding I know I come across as polite and well mannered. Rest assured though, I grew up around the beauty industry.  I have seen and heard it all, very little shocks me. Having said that, Becky’s bridesmaids put in a concerted effort to break through my well trained demeanour. My […]

Worksop Golf Club Wedding

sheffield town hall wedding

Having only recently landing back home in Sheffield from a trip to Scotland I found it quite comforting to be back at Sheffield Town Hall, a wedding venue I know very well.

Burton Street Foundation Wedding

Burton Street Foundation Wedding

I always worry about having to travel into the city alongside the bride, having left around the same time as her yet trying to arrive at the same time.  I usually ask the driver to take their time, still they can park right outside whilst I have to battle for parking spaces alongside shoppers and city […]

Club Baize Wedding

Every wedding has a first for me. This time it was a chance to tick one off my photography bucket list, photographing a snooker match. Arranging for their guests at their Club Baize wedding to have free use of a snooker table all night was a great idea by Fran and Shane. Giving your guests something to […]

Rutland Hotel Wedding :: Kay & Lynval

Rutland Hotel Wedding

Most relaxed wedding ceremony ever!  This is the story of Kay and Lynval’s wedding day, starting out with the ceremony in the Sheffield Town Hall and then moving across town to the Rutland Hotel in Broomhill. Actually, my day began at Kay’s house where we had a reasonably relaxed morning getting ready.  The music was […]

Ibis Style Barnsley Wedding As Featured in Bella Magazine!

Ibis Style Barnsley Wedding

Presenting Susan & Kevin’s Ibis Style Barnsley wedding, aka the one that made it into Bella Magazine, that was 30 years in the making. Bella Magazine and The Mirror have already covered the story in great detail so I shall only provide the highlights here in my blog to bring you up to speed. Susan […]