Sheffield Town Hall and Staindrop Lodge Wedding 

The story of a Staindrop Lodge Wedding

I know I come across as polite and well mannered.

Rest assured though, I grew up around the beauty industry.  I have seen and heard it all, very little shocks me.

Having said that, Becky’s bridesmaids put in a concerted effort to break through my well trained demeanour.

My poor Unmanned Corner Cam saw things no camera should ever see.  I guess I was asking for that by leaving it in a mostly empty room rather than in a busy room where I would usually set it up.

In all honesty I had a great time from the start.


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Club Baize Wedding

Every wedding has a first for me.

This time it was a chance to tick one off my photography bucket list, photographing a snooker match.

Arranging for their guests at their Club Baize wedding to have free use of a snooker table all night was a great idea by Fran and Shane.

Giving your guests something to entertain themselves in between formalities is always gratefully received by guests young and old.


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Rutland Hotel Wedding :: Kay & Lynval

Most relaxed wedding ceremony ever!  This is the story of Kay and Lynval’s wedding day, starting out with the ceremony in the Sheffield Town Hall and then moving across town to the Rutland Hotel in Broomhill.

Actually, my day began at Kay’s house where we had a reasonably relaxed morning getting ready.  The music was pumping, hair was extending, make-up was, erm, being applied.  Amongst the highlights of the morning for me was getting to meet Michelle who was pulling a triple shift as hairdresser, evening reception guest and supplier of a sweetie wheel (look for Sugar Rush on Facebook). (more…)

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