4 Reasons Why I Might Not Be The Right Wedding Photographer For You

The last time I checked there were over 17,237 wedding photographers living on my street.   You have a heck of a lot of choice when it comes to finding a wedding photographer. Does that make it a buyer’s market?  Maybe.  You can easily find someone willing to photograph your wedding whatever your budget. I can […]

How to Spot Great Quality Wedding Photos :: A Beginner’s Guide

If photography is not your passion then you may struggle to see the difference in quality between wedding photographers. In all likelihood, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding then this is your first time booking a photographer of any kind. Unfortunately, many in your position resort to judging photographers based on […]

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Typically Cost?

How much should I expect to pay for a wedding photographer? Why do wedding photographers vary so much in price? Why is it so much more expensive to hire a photographer for a wedding than a party? Is price a good guide to the quality of the photographer? Four simple and very reasonable questions which […]