St Peters Church Letwell Wedding

St Peter’s Church, Letwell & Travellers Rest, Brookhouse Wedding

To fully appreciate what impressed me at Stephanie & Allen’s wedding, you need a little context first.  St Peter’s Church, Letwell is about 10 minutes by car from The Travellers Rest, Brookhouse.  That’s 10 minutes of open country roads where you are likely to average 50 miles per hour.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, Stephanie and Allen got married at St Peter’s Church, and then made their way over to The Travellers Rest for their reception.  What is worth noting is how the newlyweds went from church to reception….

Travellers Rest Brookhouse Wedding

You might say this was a brave move, travelling up to an hour in an open carriage with unpredictable weather… they loved it, and it made for some cracking photos so everyone is a winner.  To be fair, how often do you get the chance to ride in a horse drawn carriage on an A-road towards Dinnington?

Anyway, the ceremony at St Peters was beautiful and The Travellers Rest, Brookhouse was a great choice.  The staff were great, they even served me afternoon tea which is always appreciated, though I would never let that influence whether I would recommend somewhere as a wedding venue near Dinnington.

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