St Lawrence Church, Hatfield & Rossington Hall Wedding

A Rossington Hall Wedding Reception

** This wedding was featured in Love My Dress wedding blog in Jan 2018, which is awesome!

As soon as Kathryn first mentioned Rossington Hall I got excited.

Well, excited and disappointed that I would have to wait a whole year before her and Ste’s wedding day.

I had done my research online, looked at photos of what Rossington Hall looked like on a typical wedding day.

It was only actually a few weeks before the wedding day and we met at the Doncaster venue on an open day that I was able to truly appreciate the beauty of this magnificent house.

Truly, Rossington Hall is a beautiful wedding venue.

Yes, from a photographer’s perspective the halls at very dark and an absolute pain to take photos in.

The grounds more than make up for it though, so long as the weather plays along.

Speaking of the weather, a spot of rain may potentially have caused difficulties for the Markham Main Colliery Brass Band who were set up to play during the welcome reception out in the gardens.

Fortunately there was no rain, in fact it was glorious sunshine all through the day.  Something of a rare treat for a UK August Bank Holiday weekend.

St Lawrence Church, Hatfield Wedding Ceremony

If your wedding venue is Rossington Hall and you are wanting a church ceremony, St Lawrence is a natural choice.

It is a short 15 minute drive away and an absolutely beautiful church.

Plenty of space inside, should easily accommodate a sizeable wedding party.

Also, for a church in the middle of a town, the parking is surprisingly good.

The only logistical issue we had was the sharp blind bend just before the church entrance which made life difficult for the wedding car to stay nearby.

The Slideshow

Regular followers of my blogs will know what’s coming next.

The slideshow.

Rossington Hall Wedding

Presenting Kathryn and Ste’s wedding day in about 5 minutes.

Posted by JLM Wedding Photography on Sunday, 17 September 2017


For those unable to watch the slideshow, here is a short selection of highlights from the photo album.

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