Sheffield Town Hall and Staindrop Lodge Wedding 

staindrop lodge wedding

The story of a Staindrop Lodge Wedding

I know I come across as polite and well mannered.

Rest assured though, I grew up around the beauty industry.  I have seen and heard it all, very little shocks me.

Having said that, Becky’s bridesmaids put in a concerted effort to break through my well trained demeanour.

My poor Unmanned Corner Cam saw things no camera should ever see.  I guess I was asking for that by leaving it in a mostly empty room rather than in a busy room where I would usually set it up.

In all honesty I had a great time from the start.

I could tell straight away that this was not going to be a dull day.

By the way, if you want to see the collection from the Unmanned Corner Cam you are going to have to speak to Becky and Jordan, they ain’t going on my Facebook page ;-).

St Paul’s Mercure Hotel, Sheffield

st pauls mercure hotel sheffield

My day began in St Paul’s Mercure hotel in Sheffield City Centre, where Becky and team had stayed the night before and were now getting ready.

It was pretty calm overall.

Makeup was going on, hair was being curled and spirits were high.

Speaking of make-up, the make-up artist had brought along a pretty hefty studio light to help her do her job in the otherwise quite dark hotel room.  It made for a few interesting prep shots which I usually wouldn’t get.  I don’t tend to bring much lighting gear to hotel rooms because I like to be discrete as well as able to leave quickly, so this was an interesting opportunity to try something a little different.

The Wedding Ceremony at Sheffield Town Hall

I am no stranger to weddings at the Town Hall in Sheffield.

Even though I have covered weddings here numerous times before (see them on the blog here) I get a slightly different experience each time.

Not having to worry about last minute parking in Sheffield City Centre on a Saturday afternoon was a pleasant change this time around.

I did see something new actually.

Whilst reading the vows for Becky and Jordan to recite, the celebrant actually said the Best Man’s name instead of the Groom’s.

Suffice to say, talk of this little faux-pas carried on late into the evening.

Staindrop Lodge

We spent a bit of time in the Peace Gardens in Sheffield after the ceremony.

We took a couple of snaps whilst everyone had a little chat and a catch-up, then the newlyweds made their way off in their wedding car to Staindrop Lodge.

Staindrop Lodge in Chapeltown is a lovely little spot ideal for smaller weddings.

I didn’t experience the wedding meal so I can’t comment on that, though I can tell you the burgers from the bar menu are fantastic!

The staff were all very good too as far as I could tell.  Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and accommodating.

So, the wedding party spend the remains of the day at the Staindrop Lodge enjoying the mild weather and flowing drinks.

At night the DJ set up his stall and the party got going.  I left around the time the ties were being tied around the foreheads, nobody needs photos of that ;-).

Highlights from the Gallery

See ya next time.


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