Sheffield Millennium Gallery Wedding :: Rachel & Kevin

Sheffield Millennium Gallery Wedding :: Rachel & Kevin

I have lived in Sheffield since 2000. When I first moved here there was a building fondly referred to as the Egg Box. It was a bizarre, lumpy 1960s style building. I don’t remember it that well though because it was demolished soon after I arrived.

In its place adjacent to the recently opened Millennium Gallery came the Winter Gardens followed by a host of hotels, offices and restaurants in the new St Paul’s Complex.

The Millennium Gallery has been a part of my Sheffield life for the last 15 years, I have been taking photos of it since 2003!  Yet somehow this was my first wedding there.

Sheffield Novotel Hotel

Our morning began in the Novotel, which is literally a stone’s throw from the Millennium Gallery.

When I arrived Rachel and Chief Bridesmaid Edie were wrestling with the in-room coffee machine. Having eventually figured out how to get water into it Edie declared herself the official Barista and went about the important business of making sure everyone, including myself, were well looked after, coffee-wise.

Other than a little coffee spillage there was very little drama about the morning. Everything was calm and peaceful and there was plenty of time for everyone to get ready without rushing. I definitely prefer it that way :-).

Millennium Gallery Wedding

The day continued in a similar style. Smooth and relaxed, just as Rachel and Kevin had wanted.

The ceremony was stylishly minimalist, suiting the style of the gallery well. For October the weather was beautiful so the guests were able to enjoy a lot of time outside too, making great use of the balcony.

As the sun started to set we went out for a walk in town, getting a few chilled portraits in the Peace Gardens and other choice spots around the vicinity.

The evening closed out with a final bonus for me, half price parking. :-). Always a great result.

Some Photos

I imagine what you really want to see are the photos, so here is a selection of highlights from the gallery.

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