JLM Wedding Photography – Privacy Policy

You probably won’t read this.  I know I wouldn’t.

Obviously the reason I am writing this is to remain compliant with EU privacy and data protection laws.

Rather than just copying and pasting someone else’s privacy policy or using a template and passing it off as my own I thought it was important that my policy represent how I personally feel about protecting your data.

So, here I am writing a privacy policy knowing full well nobody will ever look at it.

If you don’t fancy reading the whole lot, all you really need to know is:


What personal data I store

Once you have enquired or booked for me a service, I will begin to collect and store the following.

Your Financial Details

Whenever you make payments towards my invoices or purchase prints or artwork using Credit or Debit card, PayPal or bank transfer, none of your payment details come through to me.

All the processing is done by secure third parties meaning I get all the confirmations, receipts and payments that I need but none of your details.

How I store your data

Most of the personal data I collect is stored in my workflow tool.  This is a third party application which is itself very secure and GDPR compliant.

Your data is password protected and only I have access to it.

Beyond that, I will put your name, number and email address into my gmail contacts so I can contact you if I need to.  This is also only accessible by me.

Allowing you access to your data that I hold

I don’t have a set process for this so if you would like access to your data give me a call and I’ll walk you through it.

Sharing with Third Parties

There are times when I will need to share some of your information with others, such as when I bring along a second photographer.

I never sell data to third party companies or allow anyone access to your data without letting you know first.

Marketing Emails

From time to time I have experimented with sending marketing type emails to people who are in my contact list.  To be honest I find them a bit of a waste of time so don’t do it very often these days.

If I do decide to start down this route again I will start a new mailing list and invite people to join.  You won’t get any marketing emails from me unless you actively join this list.

Your Photos

I own the copyright to all the photos I take, so I retain the right to store them indefinitely.  I know that sounds pretty ominous, it’s actually not a bad thing.

As you would already know from my standard contract, I do use photos that I have taken for promotional purposes.  After-all, you probably found me originally by noticing photos that I took of other people and liked them.

My promise to you is that, if there are particular photos of you that you don’t want on my website or social outlets let me know and I will respect your wishes without any resistance.

Website Visitor Statistics

I use tools like Google Analytics and cookies to analyse the visits that my website receives so that I can try to look for ways to improve it.

This is all anonymous data collected by Google and other third parties so I can never personally identify anyone who visits my site.

Any questions or concerns?

I always aim to be as open and honest with my clients as possible so I hope this has helped you to understand how I collect and store your data, and why.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch any time.