Old Rectory Wedding

Emma & Lee’s Wedding in Handsworth, Sheffield

I had attended a wedding at The Old Rectory in Handsworth prior to Emma and Lee’s wedding, but that was as a guest.  I remember thinking about what a lovely venue it was, how the walls are filled with character and how I would love to actually photograph a wedding there someday.  Well, my time has come.

Every wedding I attend is special to me in one way or another, today for me stuck a very emotional chord and I found myself hiding behind my camera more than once.  You see, Emma’s father Austin has been battling cancer for some time, although to meet him you would never think anything was wrong at all.  I lost my father 20 years ago so he never got to attend my wedding, of course many weddings have all parents present and accounted for, in this particular situation my emotions got a little tangled a few times, though fortunately not to the extent that I wasn’t able to carry on with my duties.

Nevertheless, the circumstances did not overwhelm the wedding day itself, spirits were high and everyone had a smile on their faces.  The weather was hit and miss, as per standard ‘Wedding in England’ tradition, so we got a few chances to pop outside for photos and a bounce on the bouncy castle in between showers.

In all, a great day.

Props to Erika Jayne Make-up Artistry, Nostell Chauffeur Co and all the lovely staff at The Old Rectory.  All of these did a bang-up job on the day and I would whole-wholeheartedly recommend anyone use them for their wedding in Sheffield.

So, here is the standard ‘fusion’ slideshow with a selection of highlights from the photo album mixed with some video footage.  If you cannot watch the video right now I have also included a handful of photos from the full collection.

If you would like to talk to me about photographing your wedding give me a shout on 07739 113409, email photos@jameslmorgan.co.uk or fill in the contact form below.

See ya next time,


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