Nottingham Council House, George’s Kitchen & Basford Hall Wedding

From the first time I met Wendy & Keith at Basford Hall I knew this was going to be one to remember.  They talked me through their plans for a fish and chip dinner at George’s Great British Kitchen, a premium chippy in the centre of Nottingham, and then all the fun twists they had incorporated into the evening reception at Basford Hall.  They even offered me a ride in the bridal car into town which was particularly useful as it saved me having to find parking in Nottingham City Centre on a busy Friday afternoon.

The wedding ceremony in the Nottingham Council House was very cosy, we were in one of the smaller reception rooms so the small wedding party wasn’t lost in a giant room.  There was a lovely family vibe that is often missing from larger weddings.  When we left the Council House we had a short walk to George’s for Fish ‘n Chips.  I honestly don’t know how many weddings that George’s cater for but the staff did an excellent job of making it feel like more than just a chippy dinner.  I was honoured to have been invited to sit with the wedding party and thoroughly enjoyed my dinner, I must remember to bring my family here very soon.

So from George’s we get a mini bus back to Basford Hall for the wedding reception.  We knocked out a couple of group photos on the grass before heading inside to get the party started.

I had been warned in advance that Keith’s home made sweetie table was extensive, little could prepare me for what I feel must be close to the largest privately owned sweetie collection in Nottinghamshire.  I took him up on his invitation to dig in and even filled a few bags to take home for my kids, but I failed to make a dent in the magnificent selection and I feel Keith and Wendy will be working on these for some time to come.

All in all, a very enjoyable day.  Wendy and Keith managed to keep their wedding traditional and still make it very much their own, a difficult balancing act that paid of well.

Also notable from a technical standpoint, this was my first attempt at ‘fusion’ photography where I added some video clips into the slideshow.  Definitely promising, I think it really brings the slideshow to life in a way that photos alone are lacking.  I think this is definitely the future.

Here is the slideshow along with a selection of highlights from the photo album

Wendy & Keith’s Wedding Day

Wendy and Keith’s wedding day in less that 5 minutes.

Posted by James L Morgan Wedding Photography on Sunday, 19 June 2016

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