I'm Probably Not The Right Wedding Photographer For You.

I don’t want to waste your time. 

I’m probably one of 17,000 wedding photographers you are considering, and you don’t have time to read everyone’s life story.

Let’s face it, with so much choice the chances of me being the right photographer for you are pretty slim.

For starters, I’m not cool.  

My taste in music is stuck in the 1990s, I don’t have any tattoos and I drive a grey car.

That means my photos aren’t cool either.  

I take photos in a style that makes me happy rather than follow trends.

Before We Get Into The Details...

In the spirit of not wasting your time, let’s get right down to what’s most important.

Am I available on your wedding day?

So, before you carry on through the details, pop your details into the boxes below and hit send.

By the time you’ve finished reading through this page I’ll most likely have gotten back to you.

I know what you’re probably thinking because I’m just as hesitant about giving out my details.  Don’t worry, I’m not a spam machine, I’ll send you a couple of emails with details, and it’s up to you whether you respond.   No unprompted phone calls and no pestering, I promise.

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🏳️‍🌈:: Enquiries from LGBTQ+ couples welcome ::🏳️‍🌈

The Price And What's Included

My guiding principle is to sell as I would like to be sold to.

That means you won’t see any ‘prices starting from’, or confusing packages named after flowers or textiles.

Wedding Photography coverage is £1000.

That’s £250 deposit upfront and £750 due 3 weeks before your wedding day.

For that you’ll get:

  • Full Wedding Day Photography Coverage
    • Coverage from pre-wedding prep through to evening reception
    • 500+ photos delivered via secure online gallery
    • Photos are yours to download, print and share
    • UK travel expenses covered
There are optional extras, but if the above is all you need then you don’t need to part with a penny over a grand.

Optional Extras

It’s all pretty simple so far, right?

Here are a few of my more popular optional extras that you can add to your wedding coverage.

  • Wedding Day Highlights Video
    • 5 minutes of video footage captured throughout the day, set to music
  • Pre-wedding (engagement) shoot = £250
    • We’ll spend about an hour in an awesome location taking photos.  The photos will be yours to keep and share, plus you get invaluable experience in front of the camera which many have found very reassuring in the run-up to their wedding day.
  • Second Photographer = £350
    • I am more than capable of capturing a full wedding day on my own.  However, there are times when a second photographer can prove very valuable.  I would recommend adding this option if you really want coverage of both parties getting ready pre-wedding.
  • Upgraded video coverage = £650
    •  With my standard photography coverage you’ll get a 5 minute highlight video.  This option upgrades that to add a full recording with audio of your ceremony and speeches.   This price also includes an assistant to manage the recordings.
  • Legal Ceremony Coverage = £350
    • If you are having your legal ceremony on a different day and would like that capturing too, this is the optional extra for you.
We can talk about albums too.  There are options of all shapes and sizes available in your quote, or we can just figure that out later.

So That's Everything In A Nutshell

Anything else you would like to know, please feel free to ask when I get back to you.

What?  You didn’t fill in the form earlier?

If what you have read so far puts me into your maybe list, now is the time to find out if I’m available on your wedding date.

You may already have figured this out, I’m not a salesman.   If you’re not completely convinced that I’m the right photographer for you then that will show in your photos.  You won’t be delighted with your photos which means I won’t be happy either.   What I’m saying is, the ball is in your court.

  • I'll send you confirmation of my availability and a quote. Please keep an eye on your Other or Junk folder just in case.
  • In case I can't get hold of you by email.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • If there is anything you'd like to ask, or further info you can provide that will help me to put together the right quote for you, add the details below.
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