St Leonard’s Church & Niagara Club, Sheffield Wedding

Most of my blog articles recently have been general wedding advice from a bloke’s perspective.

Although I have quite enjoying sharing my experiences I am happy to be blogging a real wedding again.

So, here is the story of Amie and Joe’s St Leonard’s Church and Niagara Club, Sheffield wedding as told by me, their wedding photographer.

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Extraordinarily Early

Bridal prep is a beautiful part of the wedding day.  More often than not though, the emotions and serenity are often lost during the last 20 minutes before the car is due to leave.

Today there was none of that panic.

Amie and her entire party were all made up, dressed and ready to go with about an hour to spare.

This may sound over the top, I have to say it definitely works for me.  I would always prefer to be ready and waiting rather than rushing.

What this meant is that Amie was able to spend the time reflecting with her family and close friends before going off to get married.

It also gave Paul the videographer ( a chance to record a few messages from the party which will no doubt be a beautiful memory on their wedding video.

St Leonard’s Church

Eventually though we had to leave.

The beautiful white Jag, courtesy of Nostell Chauffeur Co. was typically prompt, arriving 20 minutes early as bridal cars are prone to do.  Even she was amazed to find that the bridal party was sat ready and waiting for her.

All this extra time gave me some leaway which is always nice.

Typically I am rushing to get to the church before the bride.

Today though I was able to get my photos of Amie and her Dad getting into the car and then make my way to St Leonards, get parked and still spend a little time with Joe and his groomsmen before Amie arrived.

St Leonards is a lovely church by the way.

From a photographers perspective it is ideal because of all the space around the edges which allowed me to move freely without interfering with the service.

A friendly vicar helps too.  I was given free reign to wander the church as I saw fit which is always very much apprecated.

Niagara Centre

This was my first wedding at the Niagara Conference and Leisure Centre in Hillsborough.

It was a lovely experience.  We were in the marquee and, although there were signs of another wedding over in the main building we never got the impression that they were stretched and at no point did the other party impede on ours.

At least from my perspective as the wedding photographer, the Niagara Centre gets the thumbs up as a wedding venue.

So, here’s the video slideshow.  My usual blend of photos and videos designed to tell the story of the wedding day condensed down to about 5 minutes.

St Leonards Church & Niagara Centre Wedding

Right then, here it is for all to see. Amie & Joe’s wedding day in about 5 minutes.

Shout outs to Louise Skidmore for the hair, Faye Louise Judge MUA on makeup, Nostell Chauffeur Co. for the car, It’s Bliss Bridal in Doncaster for the dress and room decor by Sparkle n shine weddings.

A lovely day, hope you enjoy the highlights.

Posted by JLM Wedding Photography on Saturday, 12 August 2017

And here, in case you cannot watch the slideshow for whatever reason, is a selection of highlights from the photo album.

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James Morgan

James is a professional wedding photographer based in Sheffield. He loves taking photos of people, tinkering with computers, real ale and red wine, and of course his family.
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