I want to make it clear that I stand against racism.

I’m an easy going, non-judgemental kinda guy, always have been. I always saw skin colour as just another attribute of a person’s physical characteristics alongside hair colour and height.

Now I’m starting to realise that ‘not being racist’ isn’t enough at the moment.

I won’t pretend that I understand how difficult every day life can be for some. It is becoming painfully clear that there is a lot more going on than I have been exposed to in my life.

I feel deeply saddened that, up until now, I have been ignorant to the true extent of the suffering my friends, colleagues and many of the amazing people I have worked with, are going through.

I am going to continue to treat everyone as equal regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation, because that is who I am and that’s how I think I would want to be treated.

The difference is that, from now on, I will try to be more aware of how much more difficult life can be for some, and look for every opportunity I can to make it that little bit better.

I plan to add something to my website to make my stance against racism clear. I already have a statement that lets LGBTQ+ couples know that their enquiries are welcome. I want to make sure everyone feels like their enquiry is welcome.

Beyond that, I will continue to look for ways to join the fight against racism, just like I have been campaigning (in my own little way) against wedding related eco waste.

In short, black lives matter, so if you guys and gals need me for anything, give me a shout. I know most people don’t confide in their wedding photographer, but please do feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to, or if I can help in any other way.


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