Gabi & Matthew’s Sheffield General Cemetery Wedding

A Wedding at Sheffield General Cemetery

In my time running a photography club in Sheffield I have been to Sheffield General Cemetery quite a few times.  It’s an amazing place full of atmosphere in the middle of Sheffield.  I know this phrase gets overused these days, but it is definitely a hidden gem.  

At first glance it you might think this is just an overgrown mess, full of old decrepit gravestones, weeds and old trees.  Yes, it is a little ungainly, but that is what gives it a spooky charm ideal for all kinds of seasonal occasions.  The Samuel Worth Chapel has been recently revamped so that it now perfectly serves a low-key wedding ceremony and reception.  The plain white walls provide a blank canvas for you to make your own with flowers and decorations, whilst the bar and bathrooms give your guests everything they’ll need to enjoy themselves in comfort.

There are plenty of traditional places around Sheffield to get married.  For those looking to break from tradition, the Sheffield General Cemetery is definitely worth a look.  Yes you’ll have to get over the idea of getting married in a cemetery, and you’ll get a lot of people making jokes about it being symbolic of the death of your freedom, if you can get over that then you’ll have a wedding that your guests will be talking about for years to come.  

That brings us nicely on to Gabi and Matthew, who not only ‘got over’ the idea of getting married in a cemetery but embraced it.  Their humanist ceremony at the General Cemetery was all about rejecting traditional wedding stuff and doing their own thing.

But first, they had to get legally married at the Sheffield Town Hall.

Wedding Ceremony @ Sheffield Town Hall

From the outset, Gabi and Matthew didn’t want to be tied down by outdated wedding traditions. 

They got ready together, arrived together and walked down the aisle together.

This meant that we were able to get a few nice snaps on the steps of the Town Hall with the two of them together, something you can’t always do when the bride arrives after everyone else has settled in the ceremony room.

These photos from Sheffield Town Hall were taken on the Friday prior to their Sheffield General Cemetery wedding day on the Saturday.

The Wedding Celebration @ Sheffield General Cemetery

Fast forward to Saturday morning and we’re at Gabi and Matthew’s home in Sheffield.   Again both getting ready and travelling to the wedding together.

The relaxed vibe continued throughout the day as guests gradually arrived at the Samuel Worth Chapel at the Sheffield General Cemetery.

Thankfully it was a beautiful day (considering it was October in Britain).  It did rain a little in the late evening but this didn’t cause any issues since the food trucks had long gone by then.  

Oh man did I mention the food trucks?  

You know there is a reason I don’t lose weight even though I spend my days on my feet :-).  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some amazing food at weddings in the past, but I am very partial to street food.  I was invited by Gabi and Matthew to get myself some food from the trucks; still I politely waited until most of the guests had gotten their dinner before I joined the queue.  I opted for Shoot The Bull since I liked the look of the steak sandwich, but by the time I got to the front they were out of beef.  I ended up with the halloumi, all I can say is never have I been so pleased that my first choice wasn’t available.  Highly recommended :-).

The Dream Team

Before we get to the photos I think it’s worth dropping some links to the hard working small businesses that made this day possible.

And now, some photos…

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