The who, what, why and wherefore.

Basically these are the stories behind the scenes here at JLM Wedding Photography.

Follow me on my journey as I run the business, attend wedding fayres for the first time, discuss my camera gear, all that lovely stuff and more!

My Wedding Photography Gear 2017

To be clear up front, I love photography, always have.  It was my hobby long before it was my career.

I also love acquiring new gear (many call it GAS or Gear Acquisition Syndrome).

I consider myself very fortunate in that my career necessitates buying new and better things that I used to only dream about owning.  This does mean I have to practice a huge amount of restraint when I come across a new lens, camera or accessory which promises to improve either the quality of my photos or my experience whilst taking those photos.


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The sprinkle of video that makes all the difference

The future of wedding photography is wedding photography plus video, there is no doubt about that.

The rise of dedicated wedding photography videographers is testament to the growing wedding DVD industry.

Yes, there will always be photos, you still want your wedding album and a photo above the fireplace.

Video brings the day back to life in a way that flipping through photos can’t.


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Olde House Chesterfield Wedding Fayre – Absolute Wedding Fayres

Olde House Wedding Fayre 2017 Debriefing

Here is the story of the 2017 Wedding Fayre held at the Olde House in Chesterfield.

To give you some context if you are new to this blog, I am a wedding photographer based in Sheffield.

If you are planning on attending a future wedding fayre at the Olde House then perhaps this will give you an idea of what to expect.

For exhibitors hoping to have a stall at this or any other wedding fayre, hopefully my experiences will help you out.


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