Best of… 2021

2021… what a year. For many it has been just a continuation of 2020, another year of suffering and heartache. Yet somehow, amongst all the trouble with the pandemic, worker shortages, chip shortages and lingering restrictions on our daily lives, these couples took a chance and walked down the aisle. It has been a year […]

I Stand Against Racism

I Stand Against Racism

I want to make it clear that I stand against racism. I’m an easy going, non-judgemental kinda guy, always have been. I always saw skin colour as just another attribute of a person’s physical characteristics alongside hair colour and height. Now I’m starting to realise that ‘not being racist’ isn’t enough at the moment. I […]

Winter Wedding Photo Collection

Seasons… ya gotta love ’em. They keep life interesting after all. Spring… fresh flowers, full of joy Summer… warm evenings, loads of daylight, nice and warm (usually). Autumn… beautiful colours, gorgeous sunsets Winter… cold and dark. If you’re getting married in the winter then you may not be expecting great wedding photos. Worry not though, […]

How to (not) pose for Natural Wedding Portraits, Pigeon Style

Posing for Natural Wedding Portraits Are you nervous about the prospect of posing for wedding portraits? It is easy to assume that all the people you see looking cool, calm, natural and happy in wedding photos were confident and knew exactly what they were doing. Chances are they didn’t know what they were doing, and […]

I Don’t Use Proper Cameras to Photograph Weddings Anymore

No More ‘Proper’ DSLR Cameras Up until the end of last year I used proper professional cameras for weddings.  I had three Nikon DSLRs with fast, expensive, heavy prime lenses.  Read about those here: Gear, Tools & Techniques :: How I Approach Wedding Photography in 2018 and here: My Wedding Photography Gear 2017 I had to use […]

My Favourite Wedding Photos of 2018

When your job is photographing people on the happiest day of their life so far, it’s pretty tough to have a bad year.  I guess if I didn’t book many weddings, that would be one way.  Thankfully 2018 saw me travelling around to plenty of weddings so yes, this was another very good year :-). So before […]

4 Reasons Why I Might Not Be The Right Wedding Photographer For You

The last time I checked there were over 17,237 wedding photographers living on my street.   You have a heck of a lot of choice when it comes to finding a wedding photographer. Does that make it a buyer’s market?  Maybe.  You can easily find someone willing to photograph your wedding whatever your budget. I can […]

My Three Principles of Wedding Photography

Everyone needs principles, right? Without wanting to sound too corporate, these guiding principles are effectively my mission statement. They represent the core values that I strive to maintain throughout all my dealings as a wedding photographer.