My Black Friday Wedding Photography Offer

I love Black Friday.

Not in a frivolous way of course.

Every year I put together a list of things I need, then wait until Black Friday to see if I can get a deal.

I’m guessing you might be doing the same.

So, I want to share my love of Black Friday with you by offering you a deal on wedding photography.

It’s over!

Yeah Black Friday 2017 is over now.

To be honest though, I’m sure you will find my prices are pretty fair anyway.

Have a look for your self on my How Much page.

Full Day Wedding Photography – what you get

Photos that tell the story of your wedding day.

I usually plan to arrive a few hours before your wedding day to capture the special moments as you get ready to walk down the aisle.

On a typical wedding day I will stay until at least all the formalities are done, so you will get pictures of the first dance, cake cutting and so on.

I also like to stick around a little later to get some party photos.

Afterwards you will get all the photos to download within a couple of weeks.

You will also get a video slideshow included in the package.

All my UK travel expenses are covered too, so no need to worry about mileage or accommodation surcharges.

The Last of the Special Offers

2017 is drawing to a close.

I have big plans for 2018.

I am not able to share those plans publicly yet.

What I can confirm is that I have now passed one of my business milestones this year, meaning my next price increase is just around the corner.

In the interest of fairness to those looking now, here is your warning 😉

Basically now is the time to get a quote.