Great Places to Get Married Around Sheffield

So, you’re getting married and you’re looking for a wedding venue in Sheffield.

I won’t do a full review of each venue because I only really get to experience them on the day, there are a lot more factors involved.

Since I am never so nosy as to ask how much people paid for their venue I cannot comment on value for money, that is something you will have to decided for yourselves once you have your quote from the venue.

Instead I have decided to show you a few photos of each venue highlighting why I liked them from my perspective as the photographer.

I will share a few points about what I liked and give you a link to the venue’s website so you can find out more about it.

It’s probably worth noting that these are the best wedding venues that I personally have photographed in, there are probably others out there too.

This is an ongoing project and as I visit more venues that I like I will get them added on here, so do keep checking back.

Oh and can you do me a huge favour?  

If you do end up booking one of these venue based on my recommendation, it would be amazing if you could tell them you heard about them via JLM Wedding Photography.  I won’t get any kickbacks from it directly, but you never know :-).

Wedding Reception Venues in and around Sheffield

Rossington Hall, Doncaster

Highlights: A spectacular building with very attractive grounds.  Attentive staff and bags of character.

Photographer’s tip: Inside Rossington Hall is indeed beautiful, it is also rather dark.  Be prepared with your own lighting, fast lenses and cameras which are happy in low light.

Cartlon Towers

An absolute fairytale wedding venue.  I pretty much guarantee that you’ll fall in love with this gothic stately home.  It might look a little intimidating from the outside, inside it is wonderfully cosy, and as magnificently composed inside as one would expect from such a grand venue.

You won’t need to do much work decorating here!

Photographers’ tip: Bring a wide angle lens, there is plenty of grand spectacle to take in.

Yeldersley Hall

Very charming little self-contained venue.  Run with pride by the owners, you’ll instantly feel the warmth when you meet the team.  Definitely worth a look.

Photographers’ tip: Get yourself (and the couple) across the road to to corn field at sunset for some stunning portraits.

The Old Rectory, Handsworth

Highlights:  Very charming spot, plenty of grounds and loads of character in the buildings.  Cosy feeling despite the size.

Photographers’ tip: The sun sets behind the building so head into the garden during golden hour.

Garrison Hotel, Hillsborough

Highlights:  Unique bare-brick interiors, plenty of space and very accessible.

Photographers’ tip:  This is a former army barracks so all the hotel corridors are outside.  They make for a handy vantage point over the courtyard for large group photos.

Kenwood Hall (Mercure)

Highlights:  Huge grounds, posh dining and a lovely spa for the night before.

Photographers’ tip:  The sun will disappear behind the trees fairly early on so get those sunset portraits in before golden hour.

Burton Street Foundation

Highlights:  Off the beaten track this one.  Tonnes of ‘indie’ character, plus you’ll be able to tell your friends you had your wedding reception where they filmed the Job Centre scene in the Full Monty movie.

Photographers’ tip: Plan for your evening shots to have an urban feeling, there are no gardens here.

Whitley Hall Hotel

Highlights:  Gorgeous grounds and a great country pub feeling.

Photographers’ tip: The sun rises over the little pond so try to get out for some early morning portraits if you can.

Sheffield Town Hall

Highlights:  The default wedding ceremony venue in Sheffield.  Despite the fact that they turn around a seemingly endless flow of weddings every Saturday I have never known anyone feel rushed or treated like it was anything other than the most important day of their lives.

Photographers’ tip: Get your photos on the entrance lobby steps taken before your ceremony because you will be leaving via the rear and another party will probably be occupying the entrance by the time you are out.

Sheffield Millennium Galleries

The Millennium Gallery is bang in the centre of Sheffield, and handy for the train station.  Convenience is, of course, no reason to choose your wedding venue.  The Sheffield Millennium Gallery is bright, open and a blank canvas, meaning you can decorate it in your own style with nothing to clash.

Definitely an option worth considering.

Photographer’s Tip:  Make sure you head into Sheffield for some portraits.  You can wander into the Winter Gardens for your group photos in any weather, and there are loads of urban portrait options right on the doorstep.

Wortley Hall

A staple of the Barnsley wedding scene, Wortley Hall should be on everyone’s list of must-view wedding venues in the South Yorkshire area.  Especially if you are looking for a traditional yet modern wedding venue with extensive grounds and spectacular scenery inside and out.

Photographer’s tip: If it’s raining and you can’t get your group photos outside then the upper landing is a great spot for group shots.

Whirlowbrook Hall

Located just off Eccleshall Road in Sheffield, Whirlowbook Hall is another must-view wedding venue.

If the beautiful gardens aren’t glorious enough for your photos you can always take a short run out to the peak district.  When you get back you have a hall filled with character and charm.  A real winner of a wedding venue.

Photographer’s Tip:  Since the grounds are a public space watch out for dog-walkers in the background of your pictures.

Bonus Wildcard: Sheffield General Cemetery

Whilst I am not aware of any actual superstitions around getting married in a cemetery, I’m sure many would consider it an on choice.

Nevertheless, the Samuel Worth Chapel is a beautiful building that is well worth a look.

Highlights: Inside the chapel is a blank canvas.  Basically four empty walls, so you can do anything you want to make it really match your style.

Photographers Tip:  If you’re a photographer based in Sheffield then you have almost certainly been here with your camera.  Don’t forget to take a walk around the grounds for some amazingly atmospheric portraits.

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