So, what happens if you ask Google Assistant: “Who is the best wedding photographer in Sheffield”?

A quick one this week.

JLM HQ gained a new friend recently.

Basically we jumped on the smart speaker bandwagon and put a Google Home Mini in the kitchen.

The kids and I have had great fun asking it to do all kinds of things, mostly silly things if we’re honest.

Out of pure curiosity/boredom I thought I would ask it…

“Who is the best Wedding Photographer in Sheffield?”

[tg_youtube width=”800″ height=”” video_id=”gL4jpQkKOSM”]

So yeah, I wasn’t expecting to actually be the first name mentioned.

Naturally it didn’t stop me trying again, this time with my phone ready to record it.

And yeah, so maybe I made a little advert video out of it.  Wouldn’t you?!

But seriously!

OK look, I know that the result is heavily influenced by location.

Most notably, that my business is listed at the same address that the Google Home is situated, meaning JLM was a strong nearby match.

Still, it’s nice to be noticed.

Does your Google Agree?

I would be interested to know whether your Google agrees with mine.

What about Alexa?  I wonder if she is a fan too!

If you think the Google Assistant might be talking some sense, have a look at my packages or get in touch for a quote 😉

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See ya next time,


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