About JLM Wedding Photography

Hi, I’m James, aka JLM Wedding Photography

As you probably already know by now, I am a wedding photographer and I am based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

I guess you’re here because you want to find out a little more about who is behind the camera.

Before we get into my life story it’s important that you understand that I’m not very fashionable.  I’m also not particularly trendy and am definitely not cool.

I think it is important that you understand that because it means that I am happy to let you be you, rather than force my own style on you.

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Photography & Me

Photography was my hobby long before I started photographing weddings.

My dad was a photographer so he got me started from a very young age (yes that’s me, circa 1984).

I have always been the photographer amongst friends and family, recording every night out and family event.

Photos to me should tell the whole story.

Whilst most would start taking holiday snaps once they arrived at the destination, I’m taking photos of us leaving the house.

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Why Photograph Weddings?

Whilst photography has always been my hobby, I also have an IT and Business Intelligence background.

So how on Earth did I end up photographing weddings?

For years people had been asking me whether I wanted to take my photography more seriously and turn it into a business.

I figured that, whilst I was competent enough with the camera, I didn’t have the right personality to be a wedding photographer.  After-all I’m generally pretty easy-going and don’t like to be pushy or overly assertive.

Then one day a friend from the photography club that I run asked me if I could be his second shooter for a wedding he was shooting.

That day taught me that I could be myself and still get the job done well.

Since then I have come to realise that my relaxed and unobtrusive style is actually one of my greatest strengths.

Beyond the Wedding Day

What I find most interesting about photographing weddings is how close I have become with all my past couples.

At the beginning of each wedding day I start with a group of people I don’t know.  By the time I come to leave it feels like I have become part of the family.

Honestly, saying goodbye in the evening can get a little emotional sometimes.

Seeing past couples sharing, enjoying and cherishing their wedding photos, photos I took, brings me so much joy.

I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing for a living.

The Family Man

If you ever wondered how I got so good at capturing fleeting moments, look no further than the deceptively adorable looking pair of troublemakers in this photo.

I am originally from Leeds.  I moved to Sheffield in late 2000 for university and have lived here ever since.

My wife Tina and I have been married since 2007.  We had a very low-key wedding in Milwaukee, Tina’s home town over in Wisconsin, USA.  It was just us and a few family members in Milwaukee County Courthouse.  I guess you could call that a destination wedding, though I don’t think that getting married in a courthouse alongside people fighting eviction and disputing parking fines is everyone’s idea of romantic.

Jump to today and we have two adorable little terrors, Sienna and Sebastian, plus a Norwegian Forest Cat called Vegas.

Enough From Me!

I think you’ve heard enough from me for now.

Here are a few nice things people have said about me over the years.

Anna & Steve
When we first met James, we knew he was the only possibly choice to do our engagement shoot and wedding photos, how right we were. His laid back style and great eye gave us just the shots we wanted.  A number of our guests have commented on how great he was, and the final shots have not disappointed! James thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  The photos and video are amazing, we couldn't have chosen a better person to share our special day!

Anna & Steve
Victoria & Kelso
James is an amazing photographer, we realised this after having our engagement shoot photos sent through! This confirmed how we felt and made us so much more excited to take him to Italy with us for our wedding in May. The professionalism was on point but yet James became one of our friends on the trip! Everyone felt comfortable with him around and the pictures are just amazing!! Would recommend him to anyone! I want to show our pictures off to the world and that's all down to James! Thank you! Xx

Victoria & Kelso
Lyndsey & Steve
We first met James when he did our engagement shoot and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. The photos were brilliant and even more special as we lost my husbands father a few days after they were taken. (We included both sets of parents as he was poorly). Fast forward nearly a year and we were ready for our wedding photos. Yet again James was great! Everybody was relaxed and the photos turned out beautiful. He captured the day perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for anything better and now just have to decide which photos to display! A massive thank you James.

Lyndsey & Steve
Katie & Oliver
Both myself and my husband are not the keenest on having our photos taken...in fact it was the biggest concern for me in planning my wedding. I found James's website through a search and read his blog on his website, showed it to my then fiance who said he sounded perfect for our day. It was better than perfect. All of our guests commented on how professional and pleasant James was, and to be able to see some of our photos running on a slideshow in the evening was a really nice surprise. Each photo James took showed a different moment of the day. I would recommend him for anything that needed photos taking. Thank you James (from both of us Homyards!)

Katie & Oliver

So that’s me!

Now that you know all about me, it’s time you told me a little something about you.

If you’re planning your wedding and you’re looking for a photographer have a look at my How Much page to get an idea of the services I offer.


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